MicroSD write-protected: Big Problem, Simple Solution

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Darn. Just now, I have faced some weird problem. Well, for me la. My sister’s microSD that she used in her phone not working properly. When I try to transfer the file from phone memory to microSD, it can’t. The operation is aborted.

Saving function for related application also switch to phone memory although it is set to memory card. But then, user still can access the memory card and use it. Conclusively, the memory card is functioning for reading but not for writing (read-only).

Later on, I try on my laptop with microSD adapter. The same problem persist, except that the error message just pop out, mentioned that the card is write-protected.

When it comes to this point, I already feel weird. How come a microSD become write-protected although the adapter lock is not set to lock? I thought it was because of some kind of hidden file inside it, but it’s not.

Well, it is a big problem for such small microSD when it is not functioned well especially for small phone memory size. That microSD is 1GB. I already wanted to throw it away and get a new one because I have come to a conclusion that this card is already malfunctioned (better than thought that the phone itself is the cause).

Finally, I found the culprit. I never thought that microSD can be write-protected using the adapter and when we take it out, the card is still write-protected. Until just now, I still think that the adapter is the one that prevent to write on the microSD, not microSD itself. Duh, the adapter is the tool (key) to lock the microSD, and it will stay like that until you unlock it back using the adapter again.

Simple solution for such a big problem. Oh little, tiny microSD!

beliamuda: [1] SD = secure digital. So secure la… 😛

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