Young Doctor Programme Series: A Lifetime Experience at HUSM

Greetings to all.

Browsing the old files in my laptop, I found a folder that dated back to 2006. At that time, I still in Form 5. Guest what? It is the report for Young Doctor Programme organized by Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) Kubang Kerian.

I kinda laugh when reading that report. Yeah, I’m now in engineering course. Well, at the time (after trial SPM) I was asked to made decision for what to choose for the future course. Then, I take engineering, considering my passion and ability.

I was a Biology student at that time, and love Bio too. When the opportunity comes to join Young Doctor Programme, I register myself and chosen to take part. Well, at least I got to expose the real life of a doctor in hospital.

The programme took place for two days, from 8am to 5pm. The participant spent most of their time with doctors and stay in respective wards. Basically, we had four posting, two postings in each day.

This programme gives students some idea of what is the doctor’s job and shows them direction in making decision for their future career. At least we get to know how is life inside the ICU, normal ward and we even got chances to enter ward 5, the only ward that is fully secured. Can you guess what it is for? If you want to know, read my future entries for this report.

Four entries is coming up starting tomorrow for the report in each posting. I hope those entries will help those that are in dilemma to choose for future career. See you later.

beliamuda: [1] Luckily, I still have the book that I used to write my journey on that day. Got one nice autograph in it, from someone special.. hehe~ [2] Hoping that the entries can help SPM leavers…

15 thoughts on “Young Doctor Programme Series: A Lifetime Experience at HUSM

  1. teringat kat adik Hanif Hashim… budak tu tercabut dia punya saluran nafas dpn2 mata aku.. punya la cuak ak time tu.. mengalir airmata dia tanpa suara…vtp alhamdulillah, dgr cite da bley blk umah lps 6 taun dok kat husm.. hebat kuasa Allah, sume org ingat dia da xde hrpn time tu.. subhanallah
    .-= youthjihad´s last blog ..Saya Bangga Menjadi Anak Malaysia =-.

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  3. boleh x kalau saya jadikan catatan kamu sbagai rujukan utk buat write up for report husm??

  4. Hohoo…saya jdi salah seorg peserta program doktor muda untuk tahun ni (2011)…program ni baru je berlangsung hari rabu & khamis lepas…best sgt…^_^

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