Young Doctor Programme Series: 4th Posting at 7 Selatan Ward

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At last, we have reach to the last part of Young Doctor Programme Series. My last posting was held at 7 Selatan Ward. Well, I can say 7 Selatan is just like a normal ward, same as what come in mind when someone mention ward.

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After finishing our lunch and performing Zohor prayer, all of Young Doctor Programme gathered at Dewan Rufaidah for the last posting. We by ourselves moved to 7 Selatan Ward. We took a lift to go to level 7. We entered 7 Selatan Ward and went to the counter. This ward was full of patients and the nurses look busy as it was the time to give the patients their tea. There were 36 patients at that time.

At the counter, we asked a nurse about that ward. She said that 7 Selatan was a male medical ward. Every evening new case will be review to 7 Selatan ward. As the nurse cannot tell us too many about 7 Selatan Ward, we decided to have a talk with the patients by ourselves.

First patient we met was Norazwadie, but he was felt asleep. His mother was there. We took this opportunity to talk with his mum, but not many things she can say as she was sad with her son condition. We leaved them and hope Norazwadie will be in a good health soon.

Then, we went to the next patient, named Mohd Zulkifli. This patient was 13 years old. He had a problem with his kidney. His mother also with him. His son was taken to this ward few days before and need to leave his school because of his kidney. We felt pity for him and hope Adik Mohd Zulkifli will recover soon so he can continue his study as quickly as he can.

After that, we went to a patient who was looked quite aged. His named was Hassan Yaacob. He said that his daughter was studying at our school, MRSM Pengkalan Chepa in class 4 Jahiz. He was taken to this ward after he was referred from HBKB. He had a lot of compilation. He just finished his heart surgery four months ago. Then, he was diagnosed with kidney failure. So, he did haemodialysis about three times a week.

He said, every haemodialysis session took four hours. He needs to face the painfulness every time this session was held. But, he knows it was for his goodness. En. Hassan was very happy with our visit although he was very sick. I hope he will cured, so he can perform his daily routine.

After an hour there, we made a decision to leave this ward early as there is nothing to do and took this chance to go to 5 Utara and 5 Selatan. We finish our Young Doctor Programme with a lot of new information about life in hospital and especially the doctors’ job. As the conclusion, doctor is very important and their job is very hard, so someone who wants to become a doctor should work very hard.

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