Young Doctor Programme Series: 3rd Posting at Nuclear, Oncology and Radiotherapy (NOR)

Greetings to all.


Today, I release the third part of Young Doctor Programme Series, and sorry for release it a bit late. For those who still not read the first part and second part, you can do so by checking previous post.

The third posting was conducted on second day. Please enjoy your reading.


It was second day of Young Doctor Programme. We arrived early at the HUSM. The weather also very good today. After we arrived at HUSM at 8.00 a.m., all of us moved towards Dewan Rufaidah to gather before we were starting our next posting. While waiting the time to 9.00 a.m., Sister who in charge us asked the students to come in front and told their experience on their first and second posting. The stories were very funny and also a little bit sad.

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