Countdown to D-Day: PDP 1 Presentation

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PFD untuk Ammonia Plant

Without realizing it, we are moving toward D-Day. Well, it just presentation day. What make it so difference is, it is a presentation of Plant Design Project (PDP 1) or well known as Final Year Design Project (FYDP).

It is a course that is compulsory for each chemical engineering students to take and this subject comprise the knowledge of what you have learn for the past three years as chem eng students.

This is just the first part. The examiners are only our lecturers. But, everything seems so hard because it takes so much of our time and effort from the very beginning until now. Too much ambiguity and assumptions to be made all the way!

iCON diagram simulation

All those there pieces shown are process flow diagram before heat exchanger network (HEN), but not according to standard because there are from iCON simulation. All those three are different in term of stream nomenclature and I need to refer to all those three to update stream data for HEN report writing. The first picture is our PFD after HEN (using Pinch Technology).

Literature review, conceptual design (including mass balance), HEN and flow sheeting are all finished. Hopefully we did minimum mistake and ready for tomorrow. Time to practice and memorize what to say in front of lecturers tomorrow.

beliamuda: Go G9! Are you ready guys? Oh, did I mention that we are designing for ammonia plant?

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