(The Fray) Heartless – Tiada Hati Perut?

Salam sejahtera buat semua.


Aku tak tahu nak sambung apa lepas tajuk kat atas tu. Main letak je tiada hati perut. Lagu Heartless oleh The Fray ni aku tertarik dengan dia punya klip video. Memang menarik ar. Gaya lukisan pensil / contengan / doodle dalam buku garis dua. Kena pulak scene masa dalam kelas time cikgu mengajar. Pergh.

Korang layan la klip video yang menarik ni.



The Fray – Heartless

In the night, I hear ’em talk
The coldest story ever told
Somewhere far along this road
He lost his soul to a woman so heartless
How could you be so heartless
Oh, how could you be so heartless

How could you be so cold as the winter wind when it breeze, yo
Just remember that you talkin’ to me though
You need to watch the way you talkin’ to me, yo
I mean, after all the things that we’ve been through
I mean ,after all the things we got into
Hey yo, I know of some things that you ain’t told me
Hey yo, I did some things but that’s the old me
And now you wanna get me back and you gon’ show me
So, you walk around like you don’t know me
You got a new friend, well I got homies
But in the end it’s still so lonely

Repeat Verse 1

How could you be so Dr. Evil
You bringin’ out a side of me that I don’t know
I decided we weren’t gon’ speak, so
Why we up 3 A.M. on the phone
Why does she be so mad at me fo’
Homie, I don’t know, she’s hot and cold
I won’t stop, I won’t mess my groove up
‘Cause I already know how this thing go
You run and tell your friends that you’re leaving me
They say that they don’t see what you see in me
You wait a couple months then you gon’, see
You’ll never find nobody better than me

Repeat Verse 1

Talkin’, talkin’, talkin’, talk
Baby, let’s just knock it off
They don’t know what we been through
They don’t know ’bout me and you
So I got something new to see
And you just gon’ keep hatin’ me
And we just gon’ be enemies
I know you can’t believe
I could just leave it wrong
And you can’t make it right
I’m gon’ take off tonight
Into the night

Repeat Verse 1

beliamuda: Rasa tak bersemangat nak mengulas pasal lirik dia. Hayati sendiri eh~

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