New Year 2010 – 2009 Flashback

Greetings to all.

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Just few hours left before 2010 start to push away 2009. Well, I did write something like this last year. It is written in English but not in this blog.

Then, people start to talk about New Year resolution. That’s what we call AZAM TAHUN BARU. What I can say about this eh? Sigh~

I try to look back my 2009 resolution, but none of them seem to be accomplished. Yeah, I did write it somewhere in my laptop. Just to keep track about it. Sadly, I open it only few times. There everything goes with the wind. Sigh again~

Oh, that one I didn’t call it resolution. I just check it and found it as my wish list. Although none of them was accomplished, but one (yeah, ONE!) is very close to become a reality. I thought it gonna come true in this month, but my mistake in doing it made it delays for another one month. It’s ok. I’ll wait patiently.

Not much things happen in 2009. I mean, nothing special except something really good happen in my social life. Well, 2010 would promised me a lot of new challenges. The first half of 2010 with my friend in UTP and another half for internship. Something good should happen there.

Going through this year, sweet memory with CJ7 is among the best. You guys rock, especially our picnic at Teluk Senangin. I really did enjoy there and of course because for the first time my picture appears a lot than other events. That can’t be help because I have job to be done on Cheme Dinner and of course a little bit poyo as camera man on our futsal game. 😛

Err, academically? Nothing much to say. I will patiently for the result to come out early next year (looks like still a long way to go.. hehe).

Towards the end of 2009, seems I become more addicted to blogging and the words Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal is among the phrase that will be remembered, at least for the first few months.

beliamuda: Till then, I’ll write again. Sekali-sekala mengomputihkan tulisan…

8 thoughts on “New Year 2010 – 2009 Flashback

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  2. aishh..end of year oledi, huh? what a short term of life.. neway, it is the best of times, it is the worst of times.. in the other word: eventhough the past is past, eventhough the pasts has the worth part, but still, they had become the best: becoz mistakes is the best teacher! 😀

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